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Through its Research and Economic Analysis Department the Central Bank of Barbados collects, compiles and processes statistical data from original and secondary sources such as commercial banks, trust companies, Government Statistical Office, Central Government and statutory bodies, Banking and other departments of Central Bank. This processed statistical information, formerly available in the Economic and Financial Statistics (EFS), is now available in downloadable form, by variable, through Online Statistics. Online Statistics presently houses information on over 600 variables available on monetary authorities, commercial banks, non-bank financial institutions, interest rates, securities, public finance, foreign trade, general statistics and balance of payments.

The first Phase of Online Statistics was launched in October 2010. This now represents the result of the conclusion of the second Phase in October 2012. This phase has made documentation on the various sections more visible, introduced avenues for sharing the new statistics coming out of research initiatives, and enhanced the functionality and ease of use of the system through the introduction of: tutorial downloads; latest updates and current status of tables and new search facility.

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